Getting Started Tech

In this module you will learn how to get all the foundations setup ready for creating your new website. Getting this setup correctly will help you move forward with less tech worries.

Website Terminology

Learn some basic terminology used for websites to help you better understand the videos and modules.

Video Play Time: 6:26 mins

Hosting + Domain Setup

Get your domain and hosting setup, inlcuding our recommendations on which one to choose.

Video Play Time: 3:55 mins

Installing WordPress

If you have decided to go with Siteground then I will show you how to install WordPress and get it setup ready to go.

Video Play Time: 6:00 mins

Installing Divi

Now that you have WordPress installed, I will show you how to upload the parent theme Divi.

Video Play Time: 04:07 mins

Making your website visible / hidden

Learn how to hide your website while you are making changes, so the rest of the world can't see your work in progress.

Video Play Time: 04:49 mins
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Extra videos, links and resources like where to find images and recommended plugins to use.

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