Getting Started Tech

Hosting and domain setup

There are 2 parts you need in order to get started with your wordpress website. A domain name (the name you enter into the url bar) and the hosting (where your website gets stored aka a server).

If we think of a house (your website), the street address is the domain name and the block of land the house (website) goes on is the hosting.

Not all hosting is created equal though. Beware of really cheap hosts as this will generally result in a slow running website and quite often have higher down times, which is when your website goes offline for periods of time. The 2 I recommend are Siteground* and Kinsta*.


If you want a good value option, easy to contact support for a smaller to medium sized website then go with Siteground*.


If you have a larger site or are concerned about site speed then go for Kinsta*.


Bonus tip

Regardless of host, when you are setting up your account, if they give you the option to pick the location of your server, choose the one closest to your location.

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