Getting Started Tech

Website Terminology

If you are a beginner to the online world and websites then it can be helpful to know some basic terminology used. This will help you better understand the videos as you go through each module and also helps with asking support questions and understanding the responses. If you are more intermediate or advanced then feel free to skip this video 😀


Back End / Admin Area

Can be interchanged with WordPress backend or website backend, but basically it is the administrative area of your website when you have logged in.


Front end

This is what other people see when they visit your website. So they're visiting the front end. When you are logged in, you will also see the admin bar at the top.


Top Nav / Admin Bar

Located at the top of the screen. This will change depending on the configuration of your website and what plugins you have. It will also change depending on whether you're on the front end, or the back end.


Sidebar / Left Sidebar

Again on the back end, this is where you'll find everything that you will need to access on your website, whether that's post, media library, pages, adding a user, changing settings, Divi options, anything like that you will find on this left-hand sidebar. Depending on the configuration of your site, this left sidebar will change its options, some of the wording and the order displayed.


WordPress dashboard

This is where you land when you log in for the very first time.


Screen Options

Found in the top right hand corner. Allows you to change the display of post, pages etc on the back end.


Cache / Caching

A cache basically is a temporary draught version that is stored on a server, and that gets shown to people so that your website loads faster. Now, sometimes when you make changes on your website it doesn't replace that cached version. So we need to clear the cache, to tell it to use the fresh new version that you have changed.


Divi + Visual Builder

We find the visual builder on the front end. This is where you will be editing most of your content. The visual builder is part of Divi. It allows you to change text and images, and see what's happening live as you make those changes.